Saturday, June 20, 2009

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Untitled, C-prints
Ruby Falls, Tennessee

Thursday, June 18, 2009

vague pure affection

Fig. 8 is a revolving cloud of pure affection, and except for its vagueness it represents a very good feeling. The person from whom it emanates is happy and at peace with the world, thinking dreamily of some friend whose very presence is a pleasure. There is nothing keen or strong about the feeling, yet it is one of gentle well-being, and of an unselfish delight in the proximity of those who are beloved. The feeling which gives birth to such a cloud is pure of its kind, but there is in it no force capable of producing definite results. An appearance by no means unlike this frequently surrounds a gently purring cat, and radiates slowly outward from the animal in a series of gradually enlarging concentric shells of rosy cloud, fading into invisibility at a distance of a few feet from their drowsily contented creator.


Monday, June 15, 2009


Xerox with colored pencil & beeswax, 30x40inches

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These photographs taken of friend and muse Malia James in London's Hampstead Heath will appear in an upcoming issue of Untitled Magazine curated by Anna Wolf.

poet-trees & land(e)scapes

These are images from a recent zine created in collaboration with writer Francis Parrilli. It's 10 pages, full color with a hand wax embellished cover, edition of 100. There was an accompanying exhibition and release party at IHeart.

Available at Printed Matter & Ommu.